Rode Video Micro Review: Is this mic worth for vlogging or video creators?

Is Rode Video Micro is worth for the price? Do you really need this one?

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Rode Video Micro Review
Everything About The Product

If you are a vlogger, youtuber or any type of video content creator then you must know that voice is a really important part of a video? And at this time when YouTube, short videos, reels, and other video form content is evolving massively it becomes a need for the content creator to have better equipements with them. In this rode video micro review, we will be covering the all major points from buying rode video micro to noise cancellation and setup.

Rode Video Micro Review: Overview of the product

Rode Video Micro is quite small and compact mic for video creators specially for vloggers and short video creators. You don’t need to carry any kind of battery to use with Rode Videomicro. You can directly attach it to the camera as well as on smartphones. Personally, I have used it with my camera as well as my android phone and it works well.

Note: If your phone is not supporting external mics then try using Open Camera App. Rode videomicro will work with that.

When it comes to buying rode video micro people usually buy it from Amazon or similar sites.

What are the things that you will get in the box with rode video micro?

  • The Mic
  • One TRS Cable
  • One Puf or Fur(Whatever you say used for reducing the noise from the enviroment.)

Rode Video Micro Review: Is It worth the price?

Right now in Indian Market, it is available on Amazon in between the price of 5000 to 5500 rupees. And I think it worth the price only if you use it in a correct way. Why I’m saying that using it in a correct way?

  • If you wish to keep it a bit more away from you then you will listen a lot of noises. Take it closer to you as much as possible and it will sound you better.

Rode Video Micro Review: Handling

Rode videomicro is easy to handle and you have to just simply attach it on the mic. After that you just need to tight the nob. That’s it.

But it will shake a little bit if you will walk. To avoid that you need to attach the 3.5mm wire into the mic holder’s grooves.

Some grooves are made inside the holder. The wire has to be trapped in it, so that the mic that is there will stop moving.

With this, your voice will be recorded very well. Apart from this, there are some settings in the camera, with the help of which you can make your voice noise free. To do this, you will have to go to the settings of your camera and make some changes in the sound recording setting and set the recording levels to -10db or -15db.

Rode Video Micro Review: Who should buy this?

Road Video Mic is the best mic for those people who do video blogging. So if you want to buy this microphone, whose link is given here and you will get a great offer by purchasing from here.

Rode Video Micro Review: Why shouldn’t buy this?

If you want a mic where you want to make videos from a distance, then this mic is not for you.

For example, let me tell you here, if suppose you are making a video sitting on YouTube from somewhere and the distance is more than 2 feet with your one hand, do not take it at all on May 24, what will happen to your sound. The quality of it will not be much better and you will hear a lot of noise then you have to edit the video then you will have to remove it again in that

In this way, there is not going to be much difference in your video editing.

Rode Video Micro Video Review

Samples, Audio Test & More.

Final Thoughts

If I talk about this mic here completely, then according to me this mic is very good. But if you make a video sitting in one place and there is a lot of distance between you and the mic for example between 2 to 3 feet there is no use of taking this mic. Instead you take the buoy’s valier mic. There is a lot of wire length in this or if another wireless mic comes from the road itself, take it. But it does come a bit pricey if that is what you can buy then that’s great.

Everything About The Product
Noise Cancellation 4.5 out of 5
Handling 5 out of 5
Price 4 out of 5
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